SIN CIELO Conservatory Showcase


Based on true stories. Memo, 15 and working low level jobs with his best friend for the local gang faction to make ends meets Delia, a sixteen year old girl who likes engineering and collecting old computer parts. Their teen love is pretty apparent to everyone, but just as things seem like they might be going somewhere, something happens to Delia which sets Memo’s world into a tailspin forcing him to uncover the true meaning of ‘trapped’ by those who snatch lives away and leave without a trace.

Part of SHOWCASE 1


Country: USA

Year: 2017

Director: J. S. Maarten

Screenwriter: J. S. Maarten

Producer: Daria Suvorova

Director of Photography: Marcin Banasiak

Editor: Aashish D’Mello

Production Designer: Emma Sparer

Music: Bartek Gliniak

Cast/Featuring: David Gurrola, Fenessa Pineda, Dylan Bruno, Vanessa Benavente, Aithan Torres, Brian Gomez, Victor Boneva, Karen Sours Albisua, Sophia Santi, Hugo Medina

Running Time (minutes): 25 min

Language : Spanish