READY FOR WAR Documentary Films


Talent attending: Nick Boak (Producer), Andrew Renzi (Director)

Since the Revolutionary War, immigrants have enlisted in the U.S. Armed Services, fought on our country’s behalf, and were presented with a path to legal citizenship. In present day America, thousands of immigrants who have proudly served in the military, find themselves not only without citizenship, but face being apprehended by ICE and deportation.

Offering a fresh and deeply troubling take on immigration and deportation, Andrew Renzi profiles three veterans trapped in this vicious bind: Miguel Perez, who completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan; Hector Barajas, a former US Army 82nd Airborne Specialist; and a third soldier, simply known as “El Vet,” whose military training makes him a prized recruit — this time for a Mexican drug cartel. –Ken Jacobson

Andrew Renzi was born in Washington, DC and studied literary arts at Brown University. He has directed the short films THE FORT (2012) and KARAOKE! (2013), the documentaries FISHTAIL (2014) and THEY FIGHT (2018), and the fiction feature THE BENEFACTOR (2015).

Nick Boak
North of Now


Country: USA

Year: 2019

Director: Andrew Renzi

Producers: Nick Boak, Kerstin Emhoff, Andrew Renzi, Jason Shrier, Anthony Gonzalez

Executive Producers: David Ayer, Chris Long, Tara Long, Aubrey 'Drake' Graham, Adel 'Future' Nar, Vinnie Malhotra

Director of Photography: Jeffrey Peterman

Editor: Ben Wolin

Music: John Carey

Cast/Featuring: Hector Barajas, Miguel Perez, Nathan Fletcher, Tammy Duckworth, Esperanza Perez

Running Time (minutes): 90 min

Language: English