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Behind the scenes, American diplomatic envoys and experts have borne witness to — and shaped — some of the most intense and tenuous negotiations of the Middle East peace process. THE HUMAN FACTOR presents a unique perspective on decades of high stakes peace talks by focusing on the recollections of these key, but mostly hidden, government officials.
Some surprising stories surface: closed door talks with a holstered gun present; practice sessions of signing ceremony handshakes; and a room full of world leaders glued to a GOLDEN GIRLS episode.

Fair-minded and highly dramatic, Dror Moreh’s (THE GATEKEEPERS) documentary offers keen insights into the motivations and strategies of Arafat, Rabin, Barak and Clinton. The testimonials come across as raw, humane, and leave a devastating impression about what could have been… and still isn’t. –Eric Moore

Dror Moreh made his directorial debut with SHARON — a feature-length documentary looking at the work of Israel’s controversial former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his impact on the Gaza Disengagement Plan. He achieved international recognition with his second documentary feature, THE GATEKEEPERS, which was nominated for the Best Documentary at the 85th Academy Awards®.

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Country: Israel, UK

Year: 2019

Director: Dror Moreh

Screenwriters: Dror Moreh, Oron Adar

Producers: Teddy Leifer, Dror Moreh

Executive Producers: Claudia Harding, David Harding

Director of Photography: Kobi Zaig-Mendez

Editor: Oron Adar

Production Designer: Niranjan Sivagurunathan

Music: Eugene Levitas

Cast/Featuring: Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Gamal Helal, Aaron Miller, Daniel Kurtzer, Robert Malley

Running Time (minutes): 108 min

Language: English