BALLOON (QI QIU) World Cinema


Shepard Dargye and his wife, Drolkar, live a simple life with their sons and Dargye’s father on the family farm in rural Tibet. With government quotas on family size recently imposed, Drolkar visits the health clinic for condoms (which are later mistaken for balloons by her mischievous boys). Meanwhile, Drolkar’s sister bumps into her former boyfriend. Now a Buddhist nun after the broken relationship, she learns he has published a fictional account of their love affair. When a death in the family occurs, the women must make decisions as faith and political realities collide.

Seasoned filmmaker Pema Tseden crafts a delicate and beautiful story of free will and duty. Premiering at Venice and Toronto, BALLOON explores the complexities between reality and soul with a loving and mystical touch. –Sarah Harris

Pema Tseden is a Tibetan director and author whose films are mostly shot in the Tibetan language by Tibetan teams. Notable works include THE SILENT HOLY STONES, THARLO and JINPA (Best Screenplay – Orizzonti, Venice 2019). He has received awards for directing and writing as well.

Meng Xie


Country: China

Year: 2019

Director: Pema Tseden

Screenwriter: Pema Tseden

Producers: Huang Xufeng, Jacky Pang

Executive Producers: Xiaowen Zhao, Huang Xufeng, Pema Tseden

Director of Photography: Lu Songye

Editors: Liao Ching-Sung, Jin Di

Production Designer: Daktse Dondrup

Music: Peyman Yazdanian

Cast/Featuring: Sonam Wangmo, Jinpa, Yangshik Tso

Running Time (minutes): 102 min

Language: Tibetan