PROXIMA World Cinema


US Premiere

Ask any mother and she will have a story of “working mom guilt:” the internal (and physically exhausting) struggle of raising a child while pursuing a beloved career and never feeling adequate enough. What if that dream career sent you to space, leaving your loved ones looking for you in the stars?

Sarah (the excellent Eva Green), a French astronaut, earns her dream job: a spot on a year-long mission to Mars. But this dream job sets her relationship with her seven-year-old daughter, Stella, spinning. In the midst of the difficult training, Sarah wrestles with the stress of separation from Stella while also trying to earn respect from her male colleagues.

Filmmaker Alice Winocour builds on her previous films in a smart, tender and powerful exploration of exceptional characters faced with staggering choices. Shot on location in real training facilities, PROXIMA is a poignant and thoughtful journey through the complexities of parenthood. –Sarah Harris

Alice Winocour was born in Paris. She graduated from La Fémis and has directed the short films KITCHEN (2005), MAGIC PARIS (2007), and PINA COLADA (2009). Her first two feature films, AUGUSTINE (2012) and DISORDER (2015), screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Country: France, Germany

Year: 2019

Director: Alice Winocour

Screenwriter: Alice Winocour

Producers: Isabelle Madelaine, Emilie Tisné

Executive Producers: Isabelle Madelaine, Emilie Tisné

Director of Photography: George Lechaptois

Editor: Julien Lacheray

Production Designer: Florian Sanson

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Cast/Featuring: Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Zélie Boulant-Lemesle, Aleksey Fateev, Lars Eidinger

Running Time (minutes): 107 min

Languages: French, English, German, Russian