DUSTIN Short Film Competition 2020


North America Premiere

Following the program, AFI Festivals Programmer Eric Moore leads a conversation between filmmakers Yuan Yuan (HEADING SOUTH), Azadeh Moussavi (THE VISIT), Rim Nakhli (NOUR), Tayler Montague (IN SUDDEN DARKNESS), Danski Tang (UMBILICAL) and Naïla Guiguet (DUSTIN).

At a nightclub we meet Dustin, a young transgender woman and her friends. As the night draws on, collective hysteria morphs into sweet melancholy and euphoria into yearning for tenderness.

Screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM 2

Naïla Guiguet graduated in 2019 from La Femis’ Scenario Department, where she made a student short film ROUGH SKIN. During her time at La Femis, she co-wrote with Arnaud Desplechin, Catherine Corsini and Thomas Salvador. Naïla Guiguet is also a DJ and a founding member of the Collective Possession.

Wouter Jansen
Square Eyes


Country: France

Year: 2020

Director: Naïla Guiguet

Screenwriter: Naïla Guiguet

Producer: Jean-Etienne Brat & Lou Chicoteau

Director of Photography: Claire Mathon

Editor: Jean-Charles Bastion

Production Designer: Pauline Thomas

Cast/Featuring: Dustin Muchuvitz, Félix Maritaud, Raya Martigny, Juan Corrales, Lucie Borleteau, Erwan Fale

Running Time (minutes): 20

Language: French