NOUR Short Film Competition 2020


USA Premiere

Following the program, AFI Festivals Programmer Eric Moore leads a conversation between filmmakers Yuan Yuan (HEADING SOUTH), Azadeh Moussavi (THE VISIT), Rim Nakhli (NOUR), Tayler Montague (IN SUDDEN DARKNESS), Danski Tang (UMBILICAL) and Naïla Guiguet (DUSTIN).

Nour and Adem set off in search of their father, who they have not seen for a long time, crossing the city to arrive at the appointment place.

Screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM 2

Rim Nakhli  is a graduate of L’ISAMM (Institut supérieur des arts multimédias de la Manouba Tunisia) and l’Université de Bologne, DAMS, in Italy.  She directed her first short narrative film RANIM (EVASION) in 2017.

Moncef Taleb
Inside Productions


Country: Tunisia

Year: 2020

Director: Rim Nakhli

Screenwriter: Rim Nakhli

Producer: Moncef Taleb

Executive Producer: Jileni Arouss

Director of Photography: Sana Flis

Editor: Seif Eddine Ben Othman

Production Designer: Moncef Taleb

Cast/Featuring: Nour El Houda Habessi, Ayoub Behi

Running Time (minutes): 15

Language: Arabic