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I’M YOUR WOMAN Encore Screening

Before the film, Variety’s Angelique Jackson leads a conversation with director/co-writer Julia Hart, producer/co-writer Jordan Horowitz, producer/actor Rachel Brosnahan and actors Marsha Stephanie Blake and Arinzé Kene.

Suburban housewife Jean (Rachel Brosnahan, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) lives a seemingly easy life, supported by husband Eddie’s (Bill Heck) career as a thief. But when Eddie betrays his partners, Jean and her baby are forced to go on the run, and Eddie’s old friend Cal (Arinzé Kene) is tasked with the job of keeping them safe. After Cal mysteriously disappears, Jean befriends Teri (Marsha Stephanie Blake), and the two women set out on a perilous journey into the heart of Eddie’s criminal underworld. A decidedly female take on crime dramas of the 1970s,I’m Your Woman is a tale of love, betrayal, motherhood, family and what it takes to claim your life as your own.

Writer, director and producer Julia Hart continues to establish herself as one of Hollywood’s most compelling storytellers as she expands her repertoire in film and television. Released in March 2020 by Disney+, Hart co-wrote and directed STARGIRL starring Grace VanderWaal. Previously, she directed FAST COLOR starring Gugu-Mbatha Raw and Lorraine Toussaint. The film had its world premiere at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival. Hart’s directorial debut, MISS STEVENS, premiered at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival.

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Country: USA

Year: 2020

Director: Julia Hart

Screenwriters: Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz

Producers: Jordan Horowitz, Rachel Brosnahan

Executive Producer: Bart Lipton

Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner

Editors: Tracey Wadmore-Smith, Shayar Bhansali

Production Designer: Gae Buckley

Music: Dan Wilcox

Cast/Featuring: Rachel Brosnahan, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Arinzé Kene, James McMenamin, Marceline Hugot, Frankie Faison, Bill Heck

Running Time (minutes): 120

Language: English