OUT OF THE BLUE World Cinema


USA Premiere

Following the film, AFI Festivals Programmer Malin Kan leads a conversation with restoration producers John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr.

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of director Dennis Hopper’s too-long unavailable OUT OF THE BLUE, this punk-rock masterpiece can now be seen digitally restored in immaculate 4K, which lends a magnificent lushness to bleak gray skies and faded blue denim. Linda Manz, whose singular raspy voice was immortalized two years prior in DAYS OF HEAVEN, stars as Elvis-obsessed, pint-sized spitfire Cebe, whose father (Hopper) has just returned after a traumatic accident landed him in prison. Already coping with her drug-addled mother, his homecoming will push the troubled teen to the brink. At once chaotic, vibrant and disturbing, OUT OF THE BLUE and its raw image of teenage rebellion surpasses cult credentials and stands as a monument to the memory of Manz, who died in 2020.
–Malin Kan

Dennis Hopper is an iconic Academy Award®-nominated actor, filmmaker, photographer and artist. OUT OF THE BLUE premiered at Cannes in 1980. Other films he directed include EASY RIDER (1969), THE LAST MOVIE (1971) and COLORS (1988), and he starred in over 200 movies including HOOSIERS, BLUE VELVET, RUMBLE FISH, APOCALYPSE NOW and THE AMERICAN FRIEND.

John Alan Simon
Discovery Productions


Country: USA

Year: 1980

Director: Dennis Hopper

Screenwriters: Leonard Yakir, Brenda Nielson

Producers: Leonard Yakir, Gary Jules Juvenat, Restoration Producers: John Alan Simon, Elizabeth Karr

Executive Producer: Paul Lewis

Director of Photography: Marc Champion

Editor: Doris Dyck

Production Designer: Leon Ericksen

Music: Tom Lavin

Cast/Featuring: Linda Manz, Dennis Hopper, Sharon Farrell, Don Gordon, Raymond Burr

Running Time (minutes): 94

Language: English

Accessibility: Closed Captions