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Luma, branded “1129,” is a distinctive dairy cow living on a cattle farm in the English countryside. AFI Conservatory Alumna Andrea Arnold’s first-ever documentary depicts the daily life and routine of Luma and her calf in captivity: being led this way and that and probed constantly. They are singular pawns in a much larger system. Filmed entirely from Luma’s vantage point, this immersive documentary details her lived experience of milking, mating, giving birth and the occasional grazing. A dreamy soundtrack of pop music looms in the background. With immediate and striking cinematography, Arnold’s study is at once a searing critique of an unfeeling industry and a humane portrait of an animal who perseveres. –Julia Kipnis

Andrea Arnold studied directing at the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles. She is an Academy Award® Shorts winner and three-time Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize winner. She also directed the second series of BIG LITTLE LIES for HBO in 2018.

Jasper Basch
IFC Films
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Country: UK

Year: 2021

Director: Andrea Arnold

Producer: Kat Mansoor

Executive Producer: Rose Garnett

Director of Photography: Magda Kowalczyk

Editors: Rebecca Lloyd, Jacob Schulsinger, Nicolas Chaudeurge

Running Time (minutes): 93

Language: English