YORUGA Short Film Competition 2021 Virtual Screenings


A lonely old man pays a visit to Yoruga, one of the last animals on Earth.

Screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM 3

Federico Torrado Tobón is a Colombian writer and director based in Los Angeles. His work mixes irrational elements from dreams with reality to create surreal feelings and atmospheres. He finds inspiration in the places that time seems to have forgotten. The filmmaker works for his production company, Waking Whale.

Federico Torrado Tobón
Waking Whale Productions
[email protected]


Country: Colombia, USA

Year: 2020

Director: Federico Torrado Tobón

Screenwriter: Federico Torrado Tobón

Producers: Federico Torrado Tobón, David Breschel

Executive Producer: Federico Torrado Tobón

Director of Photography: Sam Davis

Editor: Federico Torrado Tobón

Production Designer: Mollie Wartelle

Music: Gabriel Torrado Tobón

Cast/Featuring: Octavio Solorio, Tanya Carmona Daniels, Jaime Durán, Ariel Heller

Running Time (minutes): 6

Languages: Spanish, English