JOCKEY World Cinema


Talent attending in-person screening: Clint Bentley (Director), Greg Kwedar (Producer), Nancy Schafer (Producer), Clifton Collins, Jr. (actor), Molly Parker (actor), Moises Arias (actor).

As Jackson nears the end of his professional jockey’s career, he’s trying to win one last championship before hanging up his silks. When Ruth, his longtime trainer, acquires a new horse, they feel that this could be the key to their final chance at glory. As Jackson pushes forward despite the years of injuries catching up to him, he meets a young rider claiming to be his son. Taking the rookie under his wing, Jackson is left to consider the complex possibilities of what’s next and what it means to have a second chance at fatherhood.

A personally inspired tribute to the horse-racing community by director Clint Bentley, JOCKEY is an authentic and immersive look at the scenes behind the racetrack. Clifton Collins, Jr. carries the film with a passionate and humble performance of an aging man at a crossroads between dreams and sacrifice. –Sarah Harris

Clint Bentley grew up on a cattle ranch in Florida. He co-wrote and produced TRANSPECOS, which premiered at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival and won the Audience Award. JOCKEY marks his feature directorial debut.


Country: USA

Year: 2021

Director: Clint Bentley

Screenwriters: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar

Producers: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar, Nancy Schafer

Executive Producers: Larry Kalas, Larry Kelly, Linda Halbert, Jon Halbert, Cheryl Penn, Walt Penn, Genevieve Crozier, Mark Crozier, Cindy Greenwood, John Greenwood, Ann Grimes, Jay Old, Benjamin Fuqua, Jordy Wax, Clifton Collins Jr.

Director of Photography: Adolpho Veloso

Editor: Parker Laramie

Production Designer: Gui Marini

Music: Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner

Cast/Featuring: Clifton Collins Jr., Molly Parker, Moises Arias

Running Time (minutes): 93

Language: English