ONE SECOND World Cinema


Master filmmaker Zhang Yimou returns to the big screen with this year’s most charming celebration of cinema. During the Cultural Revolution in China, the film’s nameless hero is sent to a remote labor camp in the desert. After escaping several years later, he has one goal – to watch a newsreel screening in which his daughter was briefly captured on film. On this journey, he meets a young orphan who has her own schemes for a newsreel, as well as a small village’s much-loved film projectionist named Mr. Movie.

ONE SECOND is an enchanting and epic fable about the transformative power of film – an opportunity to rejoice as we return to our beloved theaters. –Sarah Harris

Zhang Yimou is a Chinese director and cinematographer with three Academy Award® nominations for Best Foreign Language Film for JU DOU (1990), RAISE THE RED LANTERN (1992) and HERO (2003). His films have earned him international acclaim and have played at the top film festivals around the world.


Country: China

Year: 2020

Director: Zhang Yimou

Screenwriters: Zhang Yimou, Jingzhi Zou

Producers: Ping Dong, William Kong, Liwei Pang, Shaokun Xiang

Director of Photography: Xiaoding Zhao

Editor: Yuan Du

Production Designer: Lin Chaoxiang

Music: Lao Zai

Cast/Featuring: Yi Zhang, Haocun Liu, Wei Fan

Running Time (minutes): 104

Language: Mandarin