WILDHOOD World Cinema


US Premiere

Talent attending in-person screening: Gharrett Paon (Producer), Damon D’Oliveira (Producer), Phillip Lewitski (Actor), Joshua Odjick (Actor), Michael Greyeyes (Actor).

The road of life can be difficult as Link, an indigenous Mi’kmaw teen, certainly knows. Fortunately, he has his younger half-brother, Travis, by his side. When their abusive father is discovered to be hiding an unimaginable secret about Link’s long-lost mother, the brothers begin a challenging and revelatory. Following the breadcrumbs of information along the way, the brothers begin a journey in search of her. During their quest, they are joined by Pasmay, also two-spirit and Mi’kmaw, known in the community for his dancing. Link soon discovers that Pasmay’s kindness and generosity are infectious. What starts as a bleak story of despair for Link, turns into a charming trek of self-discovery and young love. Writer/director Bretten Hannam’s second feature is overflowing with visual and emotional beauty. – Eric Moore

Bretten Hannam is a two-spirit L’nu filmmaker living in Kespukwitk, Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) where they were raised. Their films deal with themes of community, culture, language and tradition with a focus on two-spirit and LGBTQ identity.

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Country: Canada

Year: 2021

Director: Bretten Hannam

Screenwriter: Bretten Hannam

Producers: Gharrett Patrick Paon, Julie Baldassi, Bretten Hannam

Executive Producer: Damon D’Oliveira

Director of Photography: Guy Godfree

Editor: Shaun Rykiss

Production Designer: Michael Pierson

Music: Neil Haverty

Cast/Featuring: Phillip Lewitski, Joshua Odjick, Avery Winters-Anthony, Michael Greyeyes

Running Time (minutes): 107

Language: English