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Hong Sang-soo’s wily 30th feature probes the mind of the artist to find meaning in the mundane. Sangwon (Kim Min-hee, Hong’s regular collaborator turning in another winning, naturalistic performance) is a 40-something former actress, taking refuge at the home of a dear friend. She’s visited by a fragile younger cousin, looking for advice on how to break into the industry. Hong (Ki Joo-bong) is an acclaimed older poet, ordered by his doctor to stop drinking. He spends the afternoon with a young documentary filmmaker and a smitten actor looking for answers to life’s big questions. Tears are shed, an adorable cat goes missing and spicy ramyun noodles are prepared. IN OUR DAY finds Hong back in semi-autobiographical mode with this charming diptych, illuminating the parallels between art and artist. –Josh Gardner

Hong Sang-soo was born in Seoul on October 25, 1960, and studied at Chungang University, California College of Arts and Crafts and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1996, he made his first feature film. He has made 30 feature films and a few short films.

Tom Sveen
Cinema Guild


Country: South Korea

Year: 2023

Director: Hong Sang-soo

Screenwriter: Hong Sang-soo

Producer: Hong Sang-soo

Director of Photography: Hong Sang-soo

Editor: Hong Sang-soo

Music: Hong Sang-soo

Cast/Featuring: Ki Joo-bong, Kim Min-hee, Song Sun-mi, Park Mi-so, Ha Seong-guk

Running Time (minutes): 84

Language: Korean