North American Premiere

Screening to be followed by a conversation with actress Héloïse Janjaud.

Five years after studying to be professional midwives, Sofia (Khadija Kouyaté) and Louise (Héloïse Janjaud) begin their residency at a hospital, eager to perform “the most beautiful job in the world.” The work soon proves to be unlike anything they studied, with a maternity ward crowded with patients and only a few midwives available to provide the necessary care. This whirlwind of difficult births, untimely deaths and scant resources puts unimaginable strain on Sofia and Louise’s resolve and lifelong friendship. Embedding herself directly in a hospital, and encouraging actual midwives to influence the script, play supporting roles and even inform the editing process, director Léa Fehner composes a dynamic and heartfelt ode to a systematically undervalued profession. Shot in a quasi-cinema verité style that engenders a great degree of sympathy for every person in the hospital, this is a rollercoaster of a film that underscores the fractures in the medical world and French society at large. –Javier Chavez

Léa Fehner’s first film SILENT VOICES screened at numerous festivals including the Venice and Deauville Film Festivals, won the Louis Delluc Prize for Best First Film and was nominated for a César. LES OGRES won the VPRO Big Screen Award at Rotterdam in 2016. MIDWIVES is her third feature film.


Country: France

Year: 2023

Director: Léa Fehner

Screenwriters: Catherine Paillé, Léa Fehner

Producer: Geko Films

Executive Producer: Grégoire Debailly

Director of Photography: Jacques Girault

Editor: Julien Chigot

Production Designer: Thomas Grezaud

Costume Designer: Marine Galliano

Music: José Fehner

Cast/Featuring: Khadija Kouyate, Héloïse Janjaud, Myriem Akheddiou, Quentin Vernede, Tarik Kariouh

Running Time (minutes): 100

Language: French