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Talent attending: Lauren Greenfield (Director)

A fascinating and riveting political documentary that plays like a sprawling television family drama, THE KINGMAKER is both a definitive biography of former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos and an exposé of the Marcos family’s relentless — and surprisingly successful — efforts to achieve a stunning political comeback. With Marcos pushing her son Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos to reclaim his father’s political throne lost when the dictator was deposed by the People Power Revolution of the 1980s, the family’s prospects of a return to power are chillingly real. Making the most of her extraordinary access to Marcos and assembling a dazzling array of documentary materials, interviews and observational moments, award-winning filmmaker Lauren Greenfield (THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES) crafts a 360° portrait of a legendary cultural icon and rigorously exposes a family’s bald and corrupt power grab. –Ken Jacobson

Lauren Greenfield is a Boston-born photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in visual and environmental studies from Harvard. Her directorial credits include the Sundance Award–winning THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES (2012) and GENERATION WEALTH (2018).


Country: Denmark, USA

Year: 2019

Director: Lauren Greenfield

Screenwriter: Lauren Greenfield

Producers: Frank Evers, Lauren Greenfield

Directors of Photography: Shana Hagan, Lars Skree

Editor: Per K. Kirkegaard

Music: Jocelyn Pook

Running Time (minutes): 100 min

Language: English