FORMAN VS. FORMAN Cinema's Legacy


Very few film directors have been able to pull off what Miloš Forman was able to achieve over his decades-long career: create a body of work that consistently jolted Hollywood out of its narrative complacency and that would receive both global critical and popular acclaim. Awarded the Best Director Oscar® twice — for ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST in 1975 and AMADEUS in 1984 — Forman managed to infuse his films with a unique blend of social realism, fantastical satire, finely etched characters, and veiled social and political criticism that channeled his formative experiences living under the Stalinist Czechoslovakian regime.

Recognizing his status as one of Hollywood’s most important émigré directors, this documentary offers a highly satiating taste of Forman’s pioneering work, including his early films, which placed him firmly in the 1960s Czech New Wave. –Ken Jacobson

Helena Třeštíková graduated from the documentary directing program at FAMU. Since 1974, she has made over 50 documentaries. She focuses mostly on human relationships and social issues and specializes in documentaries in which she follows her protagonists over an extended period of time. She won the main competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival twice: in 1998 for THE SWEET CENTURY (SLADKÉ STOLETÍ) and in 2015 for MALLORY. In 2010, Helena‛s KATKA won the Czech Lion and her RENÉ triumphed at the 2008 European Film Awards.

In 2001, Jakub Hejna started his own film studio called Young-Film. He was the editor of many of Helena Třeštíková‛s successful documentaries (STRNADOVI, MALLORY, KATKA, RENÉ) and also edited feature films FAIR PLAY (2014) and DUKLA 61 (2018). He debuted as a director with the Theatre Svoboda.

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Country: Czech Republic, France

Year: 2019

Directors: Jakub Hejna, Helena Třeštíková

Screenwriter: Helena Třeštíková

Producers: Katerina Cerna, Alena Mullerova, Christine Camdessus, Madeleine Avramoussis

Director of Photography: David Cysar

Editor: Jakub Hejna

Running Time (minutes): 78 min

Languges: English, Czech, French