POSTPARTUM (WOCHENBETT) Short Film Competition 2020


Following the program, AFI Festivals Programmer Malin Kan leads a conversation between filmmakers Zach Woods (DAVID), Henriette Rietz (POSTPARTUM), Jonatan Etzler (SWIMMER), Bridey Elliot (THE FEELING), Sean Glass (A 1984 PERIOD PIECE IN PRESENT DAY), Jacob Halpren (CLAIRE AT SEVEN MONTHS) and Bridget Moloney (BLOCKS).

A chaotic phase in the life of a new mother, pumped with hormones and lacking sleep, this period of intensity is burned deep into the heart of the protagonist.

Screens as part of SHORTS PROGRAM 5

Henriette Rietz is a Berlin-based visual storyteller with an edgy, loud and straightforward style. As her alter ego Herzette, her core work is focused on illustration, gif-animation and art. With POSTPARTUM, she is stepping into the short film scene and has officially transformed into a filmmaker and director.

Henriette Rietz


Country: Germany

Year: 2020

Director: Henriette Rietz

Screenwriter: Henriette Rietz

Producer: Henriette Rietz

Editor: Henriette RietzHenriette Rietz

Music: David Kamp

Cast/Featuring: Charlotte Roche, Lova Pfeiffer

Running Time (minutes): 5

Language: German